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Monthly Archives: May 2023

    7 Strategies For The Most Successful Yard Sale Ever

    By Client Care - Bryson Smith Team | May 17, 2023

    Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller home or finally tackling those closets, a yard sale is the perfect place to offload your clutter. You’ll not only get rid of unwanted clothes, books, and toys, you’ll also make some cool cash in the process. To maximize how fast your castoffs fly off your lawn, here’s some advice on how to run a successful yard sale. Read More

    What To Look For When Buying An Older Home

    By Client Care - Bryson Smith Team | May 4, 2023

    The charm of an older home can be so appealing to a buyer. Many older homes are very solidly constructed, and the finish details can be stunning. Even if the home has been restored and appears to be well maintained, you will need a thorough inspection to find out if there are any hidden issues. Your real estate agent can help set you up with the right inspector for the type of home you are looking to buy. Here are a few of the important items that you will want to consider when looking into buying an older home. Read More

    Change of Address Checklist: Everyone You Should Contact When You Move

    By Client Care - Bryson Smith Team | May 3, 2023

    There are countless aspects to organizing a move—renting a truck, gathering moving supplies and trying to stay sane while doing it. While you’re worrying about all the heavy lifting, you may be forgetting about other small changes that must be made. One of these includes updating your address with certain companies. It probably sounds tedious, but it’s very important if you want life to go smoothly at your new place. Here is a list to help you prioritize which companies to change your address with. Read More