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Monthly Archives: December 2023

    Meet Our Newest Agent!

    By Bryson Smith Administration | December 8, 2023

    Cydni Potter, Buyer Specialist Cydni spent most of her life in Chicago before moving to Nevada briefly post high school. Wanting to be closer to family, Cydni found her way back to Illinois and primarily worked in the service industry before exploring a career in real estate. Cydni was looking for financial freedom and a... Read More

    10 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays: Attract Homebuyers This Season

    By Client Care - Bryson Smith Team | December 6, 2023

    Life often takes unexpected turns, and sometimes unforeseen events can lead us to list our homes for sale during the holiday season. Maybe you’ve decided to downsize, a career shift is moving you to a different city, or simply you long to embrace a warmer climate like Miami, FL, or San Diego, CA. Whatever the reason, you’re ready to sell. Believe it or not, the holiday season can be a great time to sell your home. While it’s true that the housing market typically heats up during the spring, the holidays are often overlooked as a prime time to sell. Why? First of all, there is typically less inventory in the housing market this time of year, allowing your home to easily stand out among the available inventory. And though there are technically fewer buyers overall, the homebuyers that are looking are far more serious about finding a home within a specific timeframe. So, make your home warm and inviting and open it up to those looking to buy, because selling your home during the holidays might be your best present this year. Read More

    What is Considered a Fixture When Selling a House?

    By Client Care - Bryson Smith Team | December 6, 2023

    A dining room chandelier — the crown jewel of your home — convinced potential buyers to write an offer because they fell in love with it. Hey, wait a minute! You’re only selling the house, not the chandelier, and don’t want to leave your treasured heirloom behind. But, if it’s considered a fixture when selling a house, the buyer could be correct in thinking your gem should glisten over their future family dinners. Read More

    Renting an Apartment vs. Renting a House: How To Choose Which Is Right for You

    By Client Care - Bryson Smith Team | December 6, 2023

    All rental properties, both houses and apartments, offer unique characteristics. Apartments are usually smaller and located in bustling neighborhoods, while houses are typically more tranquil and in relaxed communities. Either could make the perfect home for renters, depending on their needs. So, if you’re in the process of finding your next home, you might be wondering which option makes the most sense for you. Below, we break down the pros and cons of each option, as well as how to make your next rental search easier. Read More

    Christmas Tree Farms in Greater Peoria

    By Client Care - Bryson Smith Team | December 6, 2023

    There’s no midwestern holiday experience more authentic than bracing the chill of winter to pick the perfect pine, spruce or fir. Not to mention, nothing says “happy holidays” more than the natural evergreen scent filling your home throughout the season. Greater Peoria offers plenty of spots ranging from muddy and rustic BYOS (bring your own saw) farms to elaborate, Instagram-worthy holiday backdrops with homemade cookies and hot chocolate. No matter what holiday movie you envision yourself in this season, you’ll enjoy holiday cheer and beautiful scenery while finding your perfect holiday tree. Read More